Sale of Belle Jewell Lands, Young Township,1903

This 1903 document records the sale of 90 acres and 143 perches (a measure of length of land) at $58 per acre. Other records examined, which document the sale of land in Young Township, show prices per acre from a low of $20 to a high of $58. A part of McIntyre was built upon the Belle Jewell lands. 

The bottom of the document indicates the history and progression of the sale. It was first sold to Adrian Iselin, director of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company. He then sold it to the Jefferson and Clearfield Coal and Iron Company, (the J&CC&ICO). The J&CC&ICO was a subsidiary corporation created by the executives of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company. Subsidiary companies were formed to protect the parent company from potential bankruptcy and for other financial reasons. 

Document: courtesy Archives Department, Rochester and Pittsburgh 
Coal Company Records, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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