Niel/Neal Family Home

The cornerstone of the Niel/Neal family home indicates that it was built in 1840. The current owner, who is a longtime resident of McIntyre, believes that the brick, which was used to build the home, was locally made. 

The original family homestead consisted of several farms and a number of outbuildings. Some of the grandeur of the main house can still be seen in this current photo. The third floor consisted of a ballroom where formal dances and other events were held by the family. The interior woodwork is original. For a time the farm was one of the richest in the area, having prize cattle and cows and the latest farming equipment.  A piece of a hitching post for horses can seen in the lower right-hand corner of the photo. For unknown reasons, the Niel family changed the spelling of their surname from Niel to Neal in the early 20th century. Although the house was built before the development of McIntyre, it is located very near to the homes that were built for miners by the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company.  

Photo: collection of the author.

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